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Is your Turnberry Ocean Colony Sunny Isles Beach residence ready to face the competitive nature that exists in today's ever changing real estate market? As a Sunny Isles Beach condo owner, you require every successful marketing tool available to gain global exposure in order to sell your condo faster and for top dollar. When you review the Sunny Isles Beach Marketing Plan, you benefit from receiving an efficient, comprehensive resource to help you see and understand the strongest, quickest and most profitable way to sell your Turnberry Ocean Colony residence! The most aggressive global marketing plan is a phone call away including two powerful Sunny Isles Beach websites & multiple blogs for cross promotion, syndication partners for exposure on almost every real estate portal out there plus a video open house to show prospects how great your Turnberry Ocean Colony condo truly is.

Marketing basics include...

  • GLOBAL Marketing Plan Tailored for Your Luxury Condo
  • Relaying up to date information about the local market, prices, competition with terms and conditions of competing properties through monthly phone calls and frequent emails showing you weekly details of all activity, inquiries, showings and overall sales activity.
  • I'm available & easy to reach post closing for advice, expertise and real estate related information you will need.
  • Facilitate the Closing of your property and to ensure a successful, competitive and stress free sale of your property.
  • I'm available to assist you and your potential purchaser(s), on a full time basis leading to a hassle free closing.
  • I have the experience and knowledge that help place you in the strongest negotiating position.
  • I will represent you on all offers presented. Typically, the process of selling a condo or home involves offers and several counter offers requiring a strong negotiator. A seller is best represented by an experienced broker that does a multitude of difficult sales having exposed them to all facets of negotiations. Many times there are multiple negotiation solutions keeping the deal together and moving forward.
  • I help, handle and advise on all price and contract negotiations.
  • I will go over tried and true negotiation strategies and am well versed on the negotiating gambit.
  • I encourage qualified buyers to make serious offers and help you objectively evaluate every offer without compromising your selling position.
  • With Single Agency Representation, I have your best interests in mind including full disclosure, loyalty and obedience so you'll always have someone on your side.
  • Assure continuous effort to promote and market your property until it sells.

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