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Answering Your Turnberry Ocean Colony | Sunny Isles Beach Condo Buying Questions

Buying a Sunny Isles Beach condo is both thrilling and a bit unnerving, when a large investment is made and market uncertainty is of concern. Both experienced condo buyers and first time South Florida buyers alike will benefit from the frequently asked questions below. Before you begin your Sunny Isles Beach condo search, it is recommended that you prepare yourself for the journey by educating yourself. This will ensure you are a knowledgeable condo buyer prepared to make a confident home buying decision.

Q - I've never purchased in South Florida.  Where should I begin?

A - Actually, you've already started the process. Fact finding and reading articles is a great way to become a smart consumer. The highest priorities to focus on before you begin searching for specific areas, neighborhoods, or homes would be to:

  • Familiarize yourself with your personal finances.
  • Learn about the Sunny Isles Beach real estate market.
  • Carefully review your budget and begin to eliminate as much debt as possible.
  • Have a down payment and earnest money ready when the time comes to act and make your offer.

Your next step is to contact me. As your condo buying specialists, I'll protect your interest and manage the details of the real estate transaction on your behalf to your complete satisfaction. For more experienced buyers, a little brush up on the real estate process wouldn't be a bad idea. Of course, you'll need a really sharp Sunny Isles Beach real estate Broker to protect your interests too!

Q - With all the bad news about mortgage delinquencies and home foreclosures, how do I avoid making a big mistake when deciding on a condo residence in Sunny Isles Beach (Miami Dade)?

A - Once we meet and review your condo buying needs, you should select a broker consultant. Allow me to be your trusted broker-associate real estate professional or you can choose your own. Having upmost confidence in your broker is important. Be sure you feel completely at ease with them. Ask lots of questions and never sign any document until you know what you are signing and feel completely at ease signing it. More and more sales professionals are being recommended and may not know the local market or the negotiating gambit. Of course, the right property for you depends on several factors. Here are just a few:

  • How much square footage do you really need?
  • How long do you plan to live in the condo?
  • Do you need financing or are you paying cash?

Because more homes are on the market here in Sunny Isles Beach, your choices are plentiful, the values have dropped significantly and the time is right for you to buy at the bottom!

Let's Get Started Today..

Are you ready to schedule your condo buying consultation?  If so, contact me today and together we will review your needs, wants, market statistics, Turnberry Ocean Colony floor plans & inventory to help you find the right Sunny Isles Beach condo for you & the family!


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